Osho Meditation Leader Training

Osho brings a new vision of meditation. Especially for the dawning of the New Age, Osho refreshes ancient methods of meditation
and creates many of his own methods. In the past the spiritual world was separated from the material world. For the New Age and
for the new humanity, Osho sees that it is necessary that people learn to integrate the material and the spiritual within themselves.

When Westerners first came to Osho, he saw that the modern man was not ready for the traditional meditations of sitting in
silence. So Osho created his unique active meditations, such as Dynamic, Kundalini, Mandala and others. Each meditation is
designed to take the meditator into an experience of deep silence, but through a different route. As Osho sees that there are many
different types of people in the world, different meditation methods are needed, so that each individual can find the best method for
their own seчlf.

In order to understand and experience each unique meditation method, Osho recommends a meditator to practice it for 90
continuous days. Although Osho meditations can be practiced alone they are often practiced with other meditators in the presence
of a leader or facilitator – someone who has deep personal experience and understanding of all the meditation techniques.

The role of the meditation leader or facilitator is to:
1. Give clear, accurate and concise instructions
2. Maintain a safe environment for all meditators
3. Provide a supportive energetic atmosphere
4. Help whoever has difficulty about the meditation technique
5. Answer questions regarding the meditation techniques
6. Respond to questions about meditation in general
7. Take care of practicalities

Leading, or facilitating an Osho meditation is an art, and not as simple as it seems. It goes far beyond reading out instructions and
putting on the music. Contrary to popular opinion, meditation leading is not a skill that is automatic to Osho Therapy Group Leaders
or session givers. In fact many Osho Therapists have not learned the art of meditation leading correctly, as the fundamental
principles of meditation are quite different than those of therapy. Thus this specific certificate training is required to be an Osho
Meditation Facilitator.

Osho once replied to a question from Samudroprem when he was leading meditations in the Pune Commune, “Teach people the
correct instructions so that they can get the right results.” Samudro has used this guidance along with other teachings from Osho
since he began leading Osho meditations in 1986. Samudro has also co-led this official Osho Meditation Leader Training in the
Osho Meditation Academy of Osho Multiversity.

In addition to the 7 points of the meditation leaders role as given above, in this training we will also practice the art of leading a
group of meditators, how to design an Osho Meditation Camp, how to give a 2-3 hour in depth exploration of Osho Dynamic
Meditation, and in depth exploration of the instructions of each of the major Osho active mediations plus Osho Vipassana and other
more passive meditations.